Top Ten Tips for Surviving Alien:Isolation


Alien Isolation is a challenging game…

I love playing Alien Isolation, but I have to say that it is not an easy game to play. Especially for someone who just started playing PS4 games—I figured if I could conquer this game, I can conquer them all. I am a huge fan of the Alien series, and I was super excited to start playing this game. It is simultaneously frustrating and exciting at the same time. You play as Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter who has taken a mission on board the abandoned Sebastapol Space Station to find a recording of her mother. On the station, she faces murderous robots, battles the elements, faces desolate isolation and –of course– has plenty of encounters with the dreaded Xenomorph.

Here are my ten tips that I wish someone had told me before I started playing.

1) Use the Map (duh.)


Press the touchpad to access the map.The map is your lifeline. ALWAYS update your map. It will tell you what your objective is and have a green dot that will tell you where you need to be. It also points out areas of interest, where the save stations are (AI uses manual save stations to save your progress, so always save!), and it tells you which doors are locked or blocked.


It also shows you where the vents lead. The vents can be useful, but always use with caution because the Alien can crawl in them too!

2) The Tracker is Your New Best Friend


When you get the tracker, you can use it to avoid detection from the Alien.
The tracker is the 2nd most important thing you need. It not only helps you avoid the alien, but it will also make a bleep noise whenever you pass something you can collect, are next to a save station, next to a wall modem (to turn off the lights/speakers/air systems), and it also beeps when it detects something up ahead.  It also has a tracker line that tells you if you are heading in the right direction of the objective. On the harder levels, the tracker is less accurate and on Nightmare Mode, it is wonky and unreliable.

3) Hiding in the Lockers is a BAD Idea


They may look like a great hiding spot, but they really are a trap. Getting out of them creates noise, which attracts the alien. Plus, the alien will hear you breathing in the lockers. If an android sees you pop into one, it knows you are there and will pull you out of it, no matter how quiet you are. It’s better to hide under desks or craft to make a noisemaker to distract it.

4. Do Not Kill the Working Joes or Humans unless they are Violent.


If you kill an innocent human, the game will boot  you and you’ll have to start over. Some Working Joes are not programmed to kill people yet, but if you do attempt to kill them, then they will become murderous. You tell if they are in Murder Mode by their eyes: if the a red, you are dead, if they are blue you are…not stuck in glue? A poo? Anyway, they are just doing their own Working Joe thing when they are blue eyed, so it’s best to just leave them alone.  It is better to run from them because killing them is very difficult and noisy. it will attract unwanted attention. Use the BOLT GUN to kill them later on in the game with one shot.

5.Read All the Files on the Terminals


The computer databases contain vital information, so read them all. There is also a few sub stories, tracking different people who lived on the station before it was abandoned. Little by little you find out what exactly happened. These databases also contain information on  where important items are, key codes, and passwords. I was stuck on a level for 2 hours before I realized that the answer was in the database. Always check them!

6. Flairs Work Just as well as Flashlights


They last longer than flashlights and don’t require batteries. You can also throw them ahead of you in dark tunnels/passageways to see ahead. Also, if you light one and throw it on the ground near a Working Joe, it will stare at it until it goes out, giving you a distraction for escape.

7) Use the access modems to rewire the system



This works especially well when you are dealing with human enemies. Turn on the air filtration system and it will create smoke and dust, this worked for me with the Working Joes–even though it made it difficult for me to see. It’s a lot easier to sneak up on the humans and kill them quietly when there is fog obstructing their vision. You can also turn on the speaker system for a different room to distract the alien. It will hear the voices and head over there, leaving you to quietly go into the room you need to be in. Sometimes they control the camera and tracker systems, and sometimes they activate the air vents to open. It’s always a good idea to check them out.

8. Follow the green lights


This is also kinda of a duh! tip. This game does not give you any guidelines on where to go, or what to do. unlike other games like Witcher or Assassins Creed, it does not give you a trail to follow. You are pretty much on your own for the majority of the game –except for the green lights. If you come across a hallway with three doors, 2 of them are marked with red lights and one is green, you are probably supposed to go into the green door.

9) CRAFT as much as possible


There will be segments in the game where you will not have your flamethrower or automatic weapons. Craft noisemakers, and Flashbangs to distract the alien and Working Joes. The EMP Mine will disable the androids for 10-15 seconds. As you go along, collect blue prints that will show you how to make each one.

10) Do not step on the Alien’s tail and watch out for drool.


It is deceptively long.and the alien does not appreciate being stepped on. You and the Alien have a surprisingly intimate connection throughout the entire game. It’s like you are constantly running away from an ex who wants to murder you. He (it? I called it a He, actually I named him Boris) can be very pesky at times, and sometimes I felt like I was playing a very dangerous game of hide and seek with the creature. It absolutely loves to hide in the ceiling vents on the jump down on top of you.  The Alien is different than most AI in horror games, it learns your behavior and your patterns, it stalks you and tries to trick you. Always be aware of your surroundings, and don’t trust the locker or vents!


Alien:Isolation has been one of the most challenging, but also the most entertain game I have ever played. It is beautifully simple, yet complex at the same time. It pays homage to the originally Alien by creating the same suffocating, isolating atmosphere (and by having the dippy birds in almost all the rooms). I am definitely looking forward to playing it again and again!


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